Align your recruitment needs
with your strategic goals

The evolution in talent acquisition

Talent acquisition has changed significantly over the last few decades. What started out as the responsibility of line or hiring managers to place job postings or “help wanted” signs to attract potential employees, has now become a major issue of strategic importance for most corporations.

In our era, talent acquisition requires specialized know how and techniques, focused and combined efforts from both internal corporate recruiters and external partners.

When referring to talent acquisition, most talk about recruitment and selection. But recruitment refers mainly to the process of sourcing, assessing and selecting qualified people from a pool of candidates for a specific job.

In PfB, Premium Selection is much more than recruitment; it is the strategic partnership with our client. We focus on the alignment of your recruitment needs with your strategic goals.

Key elements of our success are:

  • Deep knowledge and Expertise
  • Extensive Network
  • Structured Process

This is why we specialize in positions that add real value to your company.

Our approach

1. Deep Knowledge and Expertise

We have a solid background, in different industries. This  makes us have a deep and holistic business understanding,  not just a limited functional expertise.

Thus, we add real and measurable value to your company,  providing strategic business advice on the profile you  need, share market experience and best practices,  locate and attract the best fit executives for you.

2. Extensive Network

We maintain a rich talent database and access to an extensive global pool  but we do not stick on that. We use push activities; through direct market  research to locate the best fit candidates, based on your culture, goals and  needs.

3. Structured Process

Our main concern is to ensure effective placements that add value to your  company. Your satisfaction is our key measure of success. Through a well-  structured process, with proven track record of close to zero replacements,  we act with consistency, reliability and most of all, effectiveness. In a few  words, we deliver what we promise.

Our approach is based on partnership and focused on results. It is all rolled οut in three structured stages:

Stage A: Planning & Client Understanding

Stage B: Assignment Management

Stage C: Post Placement


Stage 1: Planning & Client Understanding

  • Context Assessment
    We do not simply fill a vacancy; we match the right candidate with the role and the corporate culture, according to skills, experience and personality. When assigned with a recruitment project, we have an extensive consultation with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your company – business goals, culture, strategy – as well as the specific requirements of the role.
  • Context Brief
    We analyze the role as an important part of the overall corporate mechanism. Based on the role analysis, we conclude on the assignment profile.
  • Market Research Strategy
    We agree with you on the market research strategy we will apply, based on your exclusive needs and industry.

Stage 2: Assignment Management

  • Active Market Research
    According to recent studies, active candidates, meaning those who reply to job postings, represent the smallest percentage of the available talent pool, approximately 20%. The other 80% are those we refer to as passive candidates, meaning people who are not keeping their resumes in circulation, but who are happily employed if the right job comes along. This is a critical and overlooked point when implementing a recruitment process.
    We mainly focus on “push” activities, meaning actively and directly addressing the market, in a methodical and thorough way, in order to locate and attract the most talented candidates out there.
    You need expertise to attract passive candidates. We know what to say and what to do when approaching a candidate who is already employed. This ability provides us with a great competitive advantage. This is why the gap between those who passively source and those who actively recruit remains wide.
  • Competence Assessment
    Having identified potential candidates, we assess them versus the benchmark that our client has set. The assessment stage includes competence based interviews and sophisticated business tools, based on our client’s exclusive needs. We use competence assessments as they are the contemporary trend for the majority of companies worldwide in the selection process – they provide valuable insights into an individual’s preferred style of working and help predict future behaviors.
  • Reference Check
    The third step of this procedure is a thorough background (references) check for every participant. We insist on extensive reference checks, undertaken to confirm candidate career achievements.
  • Candidate – Client Meetings
    Candidates who meet the requirements of the context brief are introduced to the client. For every shortlisted candidate, our client receives an analytical personal profile, containing all the information we have collected from the previous assessment stage. We participate in candidates’ meetings with the client, so as to obtain specific feedback and get to the result.

Stage 3: Post Placement

  • Landing with success
    This stage includes a sophisticated questionnaire, answered by both the placed candidate and the Line Manager. By analyzing the answers, we help them better understand each other, boost their communication and maximize the expected results.In this way, the Line Manager understands how to motivate the new employee, how to help him/her in overcoming obstacles; thus reducing the induction period and moving forward to productivity. The placed candidate on the other hand, acclimatizes and understands faster the aspects of his/her new role.
  • Our Job does not end with Placement
    Client satisfaction is our main concern; it is the key measure of our success. This is why our job does not end with placement; we conduct regular quality follow-ups, both with the candidate and the client.
    The ultimate goal is to have all parties, candidate and company, satisfied with our services. We believe in the high quality work we produce and consequently, our guarantee periods far extend the market average, for each position.