We actively contribute to a better society, with equal opportunities for all. To a healthy economy, which creates jobs for everyone and especially for the youth.

Through our actions, we support lifelong learning, the strengthening of employment and entrepreneurship and, consequently, the struggle against unemployment.

Indicatively, our initiatives to strengthen employment include, among others:
• We support the members of the Association of Chief Executive Officers, in career consulting, within the framework of the Career Support Program
• We support the winners of the Envolve Award Greece in human resources related issues and also teaching the finalists the basic principles of entrepreneurship
• We offer business and entrepreneurial training and we support the10 innovative SMEs that have joined the GAZELLE Acceleration program of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry
• We participated in 2020 in the first educational cycle of the Tech Academy program, organized by Socialinnov in collaboration with People for Business, strengthening the professional profile of the students who participated.
• We offered the training for 3 years to over 500 candidates in new job search skills, through the “Market Yourself” workshop, an initiative of People for Business with INNOVATHENS and Samsung
• We act as mentors through the non-profit initiative EPINISIA HOS (ΕΠΙΝΗΣΙΑ ΗΩΣ), to provide advice and guidance to young people living and working in the remote Greek islands. Also, we mentor and empower the participants of the Venture Garden, which was created by the ALBA Graduate Business School of the American College of Greece and the Business School of Anatolia of the American College of Thessaloniki, with the support of the Hellenic Initiative.

At the same time, we constantly allocate the 2% of our annual budget to support children and teenagers who need health care, family care and also education. Actively supporting institutions such as “Chatzikiriakeio Foundation of Child Protection”, “Smile of the Child” and “ELEPAP- Rehabilitation for The Disabled”. Because children are the seeds of society for the future and we consider it our duty to actively contribute to a society with equal opportunities for every child – in education, health and above all in love.