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In today’s continually evolving digital era, leading IT and telecom corporations need to balance supporting the business’s current operations with bringing in new perspectives and emerging technologies. Striking that balance means working and learning differently and fostering a next-generation workforce that can manage the old and new.

Many technology and telecom corporations are improving their ability to sense and to respond to emerging trends; they modernize legacy systems and delivery models. But even more than this, they really focus on understanding their executives: Who they have, what skills they bring, if they have sufficiently forward-thinking in their use of technology to lead the organization in innovation. Corporations need to consider the future IT expert’s new skill sets and behaviors; they must set policies that guide, govern and support executives’ evolving adoption of modern devices, applications, data and collaboration.

Modern corporations have been impacted by numerous technology trends, including the consumerization of IT, rising mobile adoption, cloud and big data, among others. The rapid pace of technological change brought about by these trends has challenged companies to transform and operating in ways that can help streamline and accelerate development projects.

In this context, technology corporations need to alter their approach to recruit new talent and to retain and develop the existing; they must shift to new concepts and focus on executives who can bring more to the job than just technical degrees and experience.

PfB Knowledge and Expertise

In PfB we know how to support technology corporations to attract, retain and develop the talent that will drive the business, anticipate and adapt to changes in business demand and technology trends. We know that competences and skill sets of technology experts will be substantially different in the future and we have adapted the approaches to support companies to get to that point. Moreover, traditional credentials may not apply in this new world. Certifications and years of experience are irrelevant in nascent technologies. Accomplishments and hands-on capabilities, which may or may not be developed through traditional employment or academic avenues, may well trump credentials. A demonstrated propensity for and ability to learn new skills may become as important as one’s existing knowledge base.


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