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Consumer companies face major challenges, due to slow or negative growth in people’s disposable income and due to changing consumer attitudes toward products and brands. Even where economies are starting to perform better, the squeeze on after-tax wages, especially for the middle class, younger people, and families, is depressing consumer spending. Continued weakness in consumer disposable income regardless of which way macro GNP uncertainties break is expected in the upcoming years. Meanwhile, what we call the great fragmentation is manifested in consumer behavior and market response. In both developed and emerging markets, there is a wider variety among consumers now than at any time in the recent past. Growth is evident both at the top of the market (where more consumers are spending for higher-quality food and other packaged goods) and at the lower end (where an increasing number of consumers are concentrating on value). But the traditional middle of the market is shrinking.

Consumer companies in response must dramatically shift the route they take to reach consumers in terms of distribution and communications. Actions such as building a comprehensive data set of sources on consumer, brand, product, and competitive behavior, developing analytical skills, tools, and routines that use the data in the ways that are critical for the specific business, translating those insights into actions at the product, brand, and retail level, planning the portfolio of brands and products to efficiently cover full market variety and using this as a lens for M&A plans, managing the expanding portfolio of retail channels to provide the right incentives, reflecting differences by channel in how consumers and retailers interact, managing the interactions between the retail channels and managing complexity rather than merely trying to minimize it, are more than required.


Commercial candidates are expected to have strong commercial awareness, strategic thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, expertise in modern technology and web applications, knowledge of international markets, quick-thinking, reactive approach to work, strong sense of customer risk.

Commercial executives are also expected to cooperate close with finance experts, monitor information and be more efficient, credible and effective when dealing with financial aspects during negotiation processes. Their role is even more critical in this economic environment.

PfB Knowledge and Expertise

In this changing environment, PfB supports consumer companies to attract, develop and retain fit-in talent. As global trends impact businesses, it’s required to have those people who drive top line growth and innovation across markets, channels, products, and customers, while managing tight bottom line fundamentals. We understand the importance of making sure your business has a steady pipeline of the right people to move your company forward and to lead now and in the future.


Our team is specialized into five distinct business sectors, being:

Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Luxury Goods
Marketing Services and Advertising