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Quality Executives


Quality assurance and quality control is now being a mounting concern for companies that aim to get investments result in higher quality. But as bad habits die hard and there is no silver bullet, it is more than a common truth that you cannot improve what you don’t measure. Major trends in the sectors are considered to be strict regulations, fix at the root, stronger focus on containing costs, use of advance technologies, big data.


Modern leaders in the function must have more than just technical skills and knowledge. Business management, performance measurement and improvement, organizational governance, risk and opportunity management, commercial and financial understanding,

systems thinking , assuring corporate social responsibility, safety, security and business continuity are the major competences they should have in order to perform with excellence.

PfB Knowledge and Expertise

In PfB we understand that modern leaders in quality are focused both in innovation and care to meet shareholders’ satisfaction. We aim to allocate the ones who are committed to improve profitability, ensure market leadership and manage risk effectively.

Our team has the experience and expertise to support identify the quality expert candidate profile meeting your strategy requirements, needs and cultural fit. We work closely with you with you to develop a detailed profile of your ideal candidate. We keep you update with market trends and support you with advice regarding competition, market profiles, compensation packages, employment relations. We go much further than just recruiting; we support you to attract, select, retain and develop the talent you need to move forward, based on your strategy, market conditions and trends; What we are aiming for, is a role analysis, which will summarize the “outer” needs and “inner” desires of each position; this is why we have zero replacements.

When the candidate profile calls for an external hiring, we apply specific selection techniques and take advantage of our broad network of quality assurance and control executives. We use “pull” activities, meaning advertising our jobs in all means available in order to attract active candidates or use our own candidate database. However, we mainly focus on “push” activities, meaning actively and directly addressing the market, in a methodical and thorough way, in order to locate and attract the most talented candidates out there. After assessing them, we choose the most suitable, those who are the “best fit” and present them to our clients.

Having worked in numerous projects, we possess both the experience and the critical recruiting skills. We know what to say and what to do when approaching a candidate who is already employed. This ability provides us with a great competitive advantage. This is why the gap between those who passively source and those who actively recruit remains wide.

Our added value is not limited to successful hirings. For newly appointed executives, the first few weeks and months in the role are critical. They must quickly understand corporate culture, set the right priorities, and establish credibility with colleagues and stakeholders. BONDING START includes a series of sophisticated questionnaires, answered by both the placed executive and the line manager. By analyzing the answers, we help them better understand each other, boost their communication and maximize the expected results. In this way, line managers learn how to enhance communication with new members, how to motivate them, how to help them in overcoming obstacles, thus reducing the induction period and moving forward to productivity. The placed executive on the other hand, acclimatizes and understands the aspects of own new role faster than before, by being placed in an environment of trust, open communication and advanced collaboration.

To ensure business results is our main concern; it is the key measure of our success. This is why we emphasize on conducting regular quality controls, with the ultimate goal to keep all parties satisfied with our services.

Functional Roles

Working with multinational leader corporations as well as with local companies, we have a deep expertise in the following quality roles:

Quality Assurance Manager
Quality Control Manager
Regulations Expert