Support departing employees
reinvent their career

Helping you make the right choice

We are running the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is marked by emerging technology breakthroughs in a number of fields that consequently affect the job market.

In these times, people are called to face sudden career changes that put them into emotionally difficult and financially inconvenient circumstances. The key is to be well prepared, to be proactive and not reactive.

Our Transition Counseling Service confirms the on-going development of an employee’s life and emphasizes continuity rather than disruption. We address change and deal with the effects of transition by guiding participants through alternative career options, using a very structured methodology to meet their exclusive needs and goals.

We work with you to give your people a flexible and tailor-made service, that rapidly reconnects them to their chosen career and life path.

By offering a Transition Counseling to departing employees, you gain the flexibility to smoothly implement change management decisions. You make sure that your corporate identity remains intact to your market and clients’ eyes.

You prove to remaining employees that your company is always committed in supporting them and you minimize the risk of losing additional talent. Finally, you eliminate the potential litigation risks from the side of dissatisfied departing employees.

Our approach

Our priority is to protect and enhance your corporate brand name and then to provide the departing employees with all the necessary tools for their next career step. Our experienced consulting team can start by helping you decide and design the restructuring. We will also work with you on how to:

  • effectively communicate change, both to remaining and departing employees
  • avoid “making waves”
  • guarantee the smooth operation of your business

Helping you make the right choice

We can conduct a thorough assessment center where all the potential departing employees participate, in order to help you identify and define the program’s participants from a pool of candidates.

The best way to communicate your decision

We assist you in communicating your decision with a sensitive approach, which is an essential requirement for a positive and effective change management After launching, the program is built around the individual. In a period from 3 to 6 months, the Personal Counselor starts by embracing change. In-depth skills and competencies assessments are conducted in order to boost self- awareness and provide us with all the necessary data for our next steps.

Introduction to Transition Counseling program

Assignment of the Personal Counselor for each participant. Presentation of program’s process. Individual expectations, needs and requirements are discussed.

Self-awareness and in-depth assessment

Focus on career review, complete and in-depth assessment and identification of individual assets, strengths and limitations, marketable skills, suitable working environment, preferred role in a team and analysis of internal motivators. We want to identify the hidden potential which can result in various career alternatives.

Knowing each participant’s thought, desires, core strengths and potential limitations, we can now move into two options:

  • Reshape your Career
  • Become an Entrepreneur


Reshape your Career

Creating a personalized career plan
Establishing individual values, skills, career objectives and priorities. Identifying job goals according to assessment results and preferences, SWOT analysis.

Creation of self-marketing tools
Creating CV content and style with impact, “do’s and don’ts”, cover letters, networking letters.

Market overview and job research strategy
Career plans and objectives are transformed into a research strategy, defining an action plan that includes targeting potential employers and positions, where and how to find a job.

Development of networking skills
A combined approach to maximize access to potential job leads and introductions and to identify opportunities beyond the range of publicly advertised vacancies.

We emphasize on Personal Branding. Through 9 structured steps, we do enhance the participant to build his personal brand in the market and achieve best results out of it.

Personal branding
9 steps to build your Personal Brand in the job market

All these methodical steps will result in definitely winning some interviews and discussing potential collaboration. We are still there to support each participant with interview preparation, information gathering, interviewing techniques and styles, “do’s” and “don’ts” and eventually salary negotiations.

Interview practice and negotiation skills
Key steps to planning before an interview, preparation, collecting information required, boosting confidence before interviews. Interviewing styles, questioning techniques, “do’s and don’ts”, negotiating salary, closing.

Unlike other consultants, we do spend time for and with our participants; thus we want them to do the same, without setting limits. We are always there during standard office hours with constant communication, offering proactive assistance and coaching, boosting each individual’s for as many meetings, telephone or web calls they require throughout the whole program. Office space is also provided when needed.

Ongoing mentoring and support
Constant support during working hours and days (9-5, Mon-Fri). One-to-one coaching when needed. In addition, we are still there to follow up the efficiency of the program; we ask participants to evaluate the program after completion, over the 3rd and 6th month. These results are also communicated to our client.

Be an Entrepreneur

Based on statistics, 10% of participants choose to follow their own dream and turn to entrepreneurship as a next career step. For them, we offer a fresh, structured and innovative entrepreneurship educational program. Our program actively supports the development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mentality, regardless of the idea and the business model.

It offers contemporary knowledge about the fundamentals of starting up a business, incorporating the most modern approach in entrepreneurial education.

The program expects to help accelerate each participant’s business. For most of participants, that will be taking a rough idea, finding a viable path forward and, with some effort, a solid business plan. For others, the end result will be an MVP or end product/service in the market, with actual customers. And for some, that business will have paying customers and actual revenue.

No matter the final result, everyone who participates in the program will come away with:

  • a good understanding of what it takes to create and execute a business plan
  • entrepreneurship education, that will allow each participant to try again in the future or give advice/support to other fellow entrepreneurs
  • a much better understanding of their business
  • a few months’ worth of progress vs. where they would be without the program. If participants come in and work hard for 6 weeks, they typically make more progress in those 6 weeks than they’d make on their own in 6-12 months

Tool Kit and Program’s flow

The Tool Kit includes:
Multiple weeks of fast paced in-person sessions

  • Organizing
  • Validating
  • Planning
  • Entrepreneurial education

Moving your business forward
Guidance and mentoring, through a specific help line. In this way, entrepreneurs get different and multiple insights and can benefit from mentor’s different perspectives.

Plus coaching for entrepreneurial competitions, angel groups, and other investors.

Although, it may vary according to participants’ needs, a common and structured “flow” is:

First Third

  • Orientation
  • Setting goals
  • Organizing your plan

Middle Third

  • Researching customer segments
  • Designing your “MVP” (minimal viable product)
  • Opportunity sizing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Creating a Marketing plan
  • Creating a Sales process

Final Third

  • Continued validation & iteration
  • Creating a pitch and pitch deck
  • Creating or updating your web site
  • Valuation and fund raising
  • Final Day
  • Telling your story on-stage